The brotherhood of the U.S. Navy's
Opticalman and Instrumentman ratings


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Start now on planning to come to San Diego next October! See our reunion page for more info!

John Bryan, IMC, USN (Ret.)
President, OM-IM Association


NOTICE: We are now incorporated as a non-profit association. Please make any checks payable to "OM-IM Association"...


This year we are allowing partial payments as well as full payments. Partial payments have a $50 minimum and will be tracked via your PayPal account. 


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If you would like to join the OM-IM Association, go to the Registration page and sign up. An email will be sent for you to verify. Once verified you can log in and you will be asked to pay a membership fee. Registration will give you limited access. Once dues are paid, you will have full access to the members area.

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We added a Ships Store menu item accessible to all. Right now we have caps on sale and hope to add more OM/IM items in the future.



We added a Links page with links to other websites that may be of interest to our members.

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