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Attention: Feedback. We aren't getting the numbers to attend our reunions like we had hoped. If there is a reason for not coming, please let us know how we can improve. Is it the cost, time of year, location, etc.? I would love to hear from everyone! Just send an email to: 

New survey on where we might want to hold our 2017 reunion;


Well, it's September and the reunion starts Oct. 12 . We would love to see the registrations start rolling in! Make sure to make your hotel reservations early (if something happens and you can't make it, you can cancel the reservation without penalty). Please note the Lloyd Stagg had to withdraw due to health. Please keep him in your prayers.


Current registered attendees:

Pete Schmaldienst

John Bryan

Dave Snow

Glen Corley

James Chapman

Angelo Gallina

James Anderson

Pete Newell

James Welch

Rich Roebuck

Charlie Haight

Joseph Conroy, Jr.

David Hume

Bob Trimble

Dennis McClain

Wayne Segrave

Henry Lizotte

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January 2016 Issue:

Issue III

2016 reunion in Rhode Island. Go to the reunion page. 

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